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Best ID Verification/Authentication Solution: Judges Choice

Seattle-based Ekata garners its first CNP Awards in style—sweeping both the Judges Choice and Customer Choice awards in the Best ID Verification/Authentication Solution category. The company’s Identity Check API solution verifies the identities of online consumers using various elements of their personal profiles—email address, phone number, name, physical address, IP address, etc.—and checking them against a network of proprietary and public sources.

The company uses machine learning in conjunction with those sources to produce a predictive score assessing the likelihood that the person making a transaction is who they purport to be. Ekata says it offers a pre-authorization API for identity verification as well as an identity review solution that enables organizations to assess identity risk, approve good transactions, and investigate fraud on a global scale.

“In a world where modern companies are pressured to meet the rising demands of the everyday consumer,” the company said, “Identity Check API gives businesses a solution that helps them deliver exceptional digital experiences while balancing speed, consumer expectations, and data privacy so they can focus on reducing chargebacks and growing revenue.” 


Judges Choice